Monday, October 25, 2010

Have a Green Halloween!

DavidSuzuki mask from
Wow, have a Green Halloween!  This seems to be the year of the eco-conscious Halloween celebration.  Last post dealt with some great ideas for Halloween nutrition and today's post looks at some tips to being more conscious of safekeeping our environment over the Halloween (and beyond) season.  The following video gives some great ideas for looking past all the plasticky, overpriced, use-once-and-toss ethos of the season to social networking, reusing/recycling/rewarding and valuing our physical resources.  I liked this video so much that I subscribed to the channel!

Our Food Matters-- Join a Social Network to Match Your Own Social Ethics and Wisdom

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  1. Things you can print at home for a greener Halloween include

    Antique Halloween e-cards
    Create "paranormal portraits"
    Incorporate vintage bell or apothecary jars with antique looking lables.

    For more ideas check out