Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Has Come to the Comox Valley

A sad and scary time, especially for the people in Japan. But today it was sunny here-- a rare enough event-- and I went out into the yard to do a little look-see-- was Spring on the way? Yes, yes, it was. Here is my humble little video of the event. You might notice that I have a huge, out-of-control Yucca plant (must have been the de rigeur thing to plant in the 70s in our neighborhood because I see them in several yards)-- if you live local and want to have a Yucca plant, bring over a shovel and you can dig yourself some up! Also, if you want a bit of my overgrown Rosemary, you can have a clipping off it as well. Otherwise, the crocuses are running madly all over as I have not seen them before, and the pear, cherry and fig trees all look in pretty good shape for the season. Sorry for the big black space at the end, but thought you might just enjoy listening to end of this piece of Beethoven.

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