Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Conscious Eating Day #10: Farmer's Marketing Day

Comox Valley Farmers' Market
Still attempting to eat consciously, avoiding wheat, processed sugar, and dairy.

This morning we went to the Comox Valley Farmer's Market to pick up some veggies that we have run low on (well, we had a small veggie garden, so that includes almost everything from tomatoes to plums).

It was the perfect marketing day.  They had a blue grass band playing and we ran across several friends and acquaintances, one of whom (Adriana from Toastmasters) referred me over to the booth where they sell gluten-free stuff.  The vendor there turns out to have been at Simon Fraser University (late 60s/70s) when my husband and I attended, so we had a good old chit-chat of "do you remember__?  did you know__?"

We came home with all kinds of yummy ripe and uber-ripe vegetables.  For lunch we had sol burgers on gluten-free buns with a giant peaches-and-cream corn cob each, and a nice fresh green salad.  I suspect there is a little sugar in the hamburger buns, but nothing to be too worried about (I don't think).

I weighed myself today and weigh about 1# less than I did at the outset of this experiment.  Well, if I lose only 1# a week, I will have lost 52# at the end of a year... which is great, right?  So, I will aim to lose a pound a week.

I'm listening to the NLP Mindfest each day.  They had a glitch yesterday but have re-scheduled Days 1 and 2 for anyone who hasn't yet signed up and would like to.  FREE.  Click HERE.
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