Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Conscious Eating Day #3

Yuri Elkaim Author,
Health Coach & Personal Trainer
Day #3 was a piece of cake where the consciously non-eating was concerned, (NO WHEAT, SUGAR, DAIRY) but was not a "physical" day, which means I didn't really get the exercise that I know I need as part of this process.  I went walking in the evening, and did various bits of housework (laundry) and yardwork (watering the front and back), but nothing that would serve to budge the fudge, so to speak.

I thought of a couple of things I learned from Yuri Elkaim who has designed a great treatise on the importance of using his full-meal-deal (I'm full of foodie metaphors) holistic method of having mastery over your own health and way of eating-- he includes a book, coaching, meal plans, webinars, and a very interesting presentation that is audible and readable.  It's fairly long, but it is, as I said, interesting and does provide value in the information that he includes.  What did I learn from Yuri?

(1)Most nuts and seeds are not that healthy, and in fact, might just add to your body's fat accumulation and all the sorrows that obesity brings.  However, there are nuts and seeds like walnuts, hempseeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, and chia seeds have a better balance of Omega 3:Omega 6 essential fatty acids and are called "healthy fats".   Coconut oil, as well, is not a 'bad' fat.  So, I am including these particular nuts and seeds and restricting some of the others (like cashews and the like).

(2)Dehydrated foods should be eaten in moderation-- we want our bodies to be hydrated (otherwise, why does just about every health guru suggest drinking gallons of water daily?) and dehydrated foods use up energy to hydrate them so that we can digest them and utilize their nutrients (if any).  So, although I love love love kale chips, I will restrict them to ultra-treat status (like maybe, Christmas time?) and focus on learning to love more water-dense fruits and veggies, which are more easily digested and much better for me.

You might want to see/hear this presentation to see what other gems you can pick up.  Click HERE. (think: long but worth every minute)

One of my major questions of myself today was: Why do I take such inordinate pleasure in what I eat? (in food in general)?  And the spinoff question is: What else is as enjoyable to me as eating?  I'm very sorry, I could not come up with anything today.  I am. Very. Sorry.  I will be mindful of that second question and see what I can discover is as important to me by the end of the week.  I really hate to think of my belly as my god... (Philippians 3:19)

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