Monday, September 19, 2011

Conscious Eating:Day #15--Bye Bye "Several-Frequent-Meals"

So, my first attempt at 'conscious eating' (being aware of what I am putting into my face, and why)started 15 days ago with a No Wheat, No Dairy, No Refined Sugar contract with myself. Pretty soon I watched and loved Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo's Bye Bye to Belly Fat, Brain Fog and Burnout free videos and decided that I could "flesh out" (haha)my eating regimen with some of her tips.

Today I'm watching the clock. I've been a very good girl,remembering to take the supplements she recommends, enjoying more greens, etc., but one of Dr. Ritamarie's "tips" is almost pushing me over the edge. You know how most of the diet gurus out there today are suggesting that "several small but frequent meals throughout the day" is the real way to lose weight and not feel deprived in the process? Well, it turns out that this is NOT a great suggestion for those of us who are battling belly fat because of insulin resistance. Dr. Ritamarie, in her clear way, describes the role of the hormone "leptin" and how it works. I suggest you sign up for the vids and listen to what she has to say. In regards to my "beef" (oy, it's all about food right now!) it seems that the old rule of eating 3 meals per day is the rule. Allow 5-6 hours between meals with no snacks. Snacks will stimulate release of insulin – and during this time the body is not burning fat... which is, of course, my goal.

Well, the time is up and my husband just arrived home with the raw nori sheets I requested, so I'm gone to raise up my flagging spirits with a yummy meal.

As an extra incentive to keep on track I have joined Tera Warner's LAST-TIME-EVER FREE online 7-Day Raw Food Detox... it starts September 25th. Sign up HERE. (that's FREE with lots of resources).
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