Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day #2 of Conscious Eating And Conscious Non-Eating


Day 2 of Conscious Eating (i.e., avoiding Wheat, Dairy, Processed Sugar)....  I had a couple of twinges when I saw the loaf of Alpine Bread lounging by the toaster this morning, but in general I have been doing well.

I took Zoe for a walk early in the morning and then proceeded to make a very tasty and satisfying juice that involved fresh, ripe tomatoes (from the garden), arugula, garlic cloves, carrots, cilantro, lemon and dandelion greens (from the garden, lol).  I was missing CELERY, but it wasn't too crucial.  My dear juicer, good as it is, doesn't do a really fantastic job with tomatoes, apples or other soft fruits but does a terrific job with greens (sucks them right in) and hard veg like celery and carrots.  I would really like to get hold of  Jay Kordich's new PowerGrindPro because I think it is the kind of juicer where you can throw in the whole apple and a whole lemon and make lemonade (yum) that way.  I know you can actually make almond milk with it (and soy milk, but I'm not into that) so that is pretty nifty.

One thing I notice about using the computer a lot (which I do) is that I tend to be drawn to snacking, in much the same sort of semi-comatose way that happens when one watches TV a lot.  On Facebook people make a lot of references to delicious-sounding food (espcially my foodie FB friends) which serves the same purpose as the junkfood ads on TV, right?  So, not hanging on FB all the time, and getting up and out and doing stuff is really useful.  Another pleasant discovery is that I can just go out my front door and have a little nap in the sunshine for a few minutes and feel absolutely marvelous, darling.... talk about a great de-stressor!

And now it is time to take a little doggie I know for another walk.  We will avoid the scalding sunshine and linger in the shade.  My dear spoiling hubby phoned to say that he cannot find the marvellous seedy organic watermelon that I have been using to juice with : ( but I think we'll live!

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