Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day #20 of Conscious Eating: Recipe for a Weight Management Drink

Walnuts are "Brain Food"-- an excellent source of Omega3
Essential Fatty Acids.  ~photo by Christina Miguel.
And so I continue on with this 30 days of conscious eating, incorporating what I learn from Dr. Ritamarie's Bye Bye Belly Fat, Brain Fog and Burnout vids and avoiding gluten (all grains, actually), processed sweeteners, and dairy. I realize I am very privileged to be able to access fresh grown, local (some from our yard), organic vegetables and fruits to enjoy the benefits of this program and I am very grateful to God for providing all the goodness in my life (inspite of all the conscious and unconscious wrong choices I have made in the past).

A couple of things have sparked today's post. One, my husband and I are busy training online to become facilitators in the Nedley Depression Recovery Program being offered in a nearby community, and we are learning some interesting nutritional information to apply ourselves and share with others. Secondly, I ran across a happy announcement from the actress, Kirstie Alley, who it is said has lost 100 pounds partly through implementing dancing into her day as exercise. I DO know, theoretically, how important exercise is in our lives, but in reality I tend to glaze over that in favor of the "nutritional" modifications I make to my life.

My husband and I WERE going to go to the adult playground (or whatever you call it) and do a workout there today, but it it raining like crazy so that is out. I hate the gym. I guess what I will do is just some extra jumping on the rebounder. Today is set aside as Let's Move Day through our Church. I wish I'd remembered to tell you earlier :p-- you might have shared some great suggestions for pretty sedentary Organic Granny here. (Thanks to Kirstie Alley for jogging my memory with her inspiring weight loss story and the fact that exercise, like her ballroom dancing, can include more than just the standard gym workouts).

Dr. Neil Nedley, an internal medicine doctor with other specialty areas, set up the Depression Recovery Program to help depressed persons and their loved ones navigate back to balanced good health through holistic health means (nutrition, exercise, necessary sleep patterns,etc.) In the video training we watched today he talked a lot about the importance of Omega 3 essential fatty acids and Tryptophan in restoring healthy brain function. Depressed people are lacking both. Obese people are more apt to be depressed. (so much for the 'jolly fat person' stereotype). Here is a healthy supplementary drink for people who are morbidly obese as an alternative weight loss plan to the often dangerous surgery that is advertised extensively as the solution (Dr. Nedley also said that as time goes on after the surgery most persons have a very nutritionally-depleted lifestyle and end up perhaps thin, but unhealthy, and open to all kinds of disease).

Dr. Nedley's Weight Loss Drink (before meals)
*1 tsp. Chia Seeds
*1 tsp. Methylcellulose
*1 tsp. Glucomannan
*Little bit of raw honey (as the necessary carb balance)

Drink the above in water. Follow with a healthy vegetarian salad and soup. It is important to eat a high water content to accommodate the Methylcellulose which needs fluid to be digested. I would choose to use Psyllium seeds/fibre vs. the Methylcellulose, personally, since I have had a good experience with it in the past and am rather alarmed by some of the alerts re Methylcellulose (found in oat bran) online. But I'm not a doctor, like Dr. Nedley. Please talk to your own health care provider.

And for anyone who is intersted, midnight tonight is the last opportunity to register for Tera Warner's LAST free 7-Day Raw Food Detox.
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