Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day #8 and #9 of Conscious Eating

Still purporting to be on a No Wheat, Dairy, or Processed Sugar binge. Bit of Fail these last couple of days... went to a lunch at the Church yesterday and ate some of the corn bread knowing that it had wheat flour in it... ate two pieces.

 Today I ate some of the leftover cheese over my quinoa.... but, wow, in fairness, no cheese has ever survived that long in our fridge. I'm really puffed up. I am not sure if I have extreme allergies or maybe it's the mercury fillings and associated heavy metal poisoning?

 Our son is nearly finished building a shed in the backyard. I am totally enamored with the tiny house movement, particularly the Tumbleweed Houses. Wish we could build one of those in our backyard...Not sure I would fit in one at present to live in, but just to have as a spare house would be cool (kidding)
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Organic Granny's RECIPE INDEX
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