Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Healing Cancer Summit -- Night #1

Sure hope you are listening in to the interviews on the Healing Cancer Summit, particularly if you or someone you know has experienced cancer.... is there anyone out there who hasn't I wonder?  The Healing Cancer Summit is set up to bring together the top Natural and Integrative cancer doctors working in that field today.  As of this posting there are about 45,000+ listeners registered. If you missed the Summit, you can learn more HERE.

Last night (October 25- Night #1) Kevin Gianni interviewed Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and Charlotte Gerson.  Dr. Gonzalez has been doing "[pancreatic]enzyme therapy" over the past several years and has written a book called "The Trophoblast and the Origins of Cancer"-- a modern micobial biologist's take on Dr. John Beard's proposal in 1906 that pancreatic proteolytic digestive enzymes are the body's most powerful, front-line defence against cancer.  Dr. Beard asserted that enzyme therapy would be a helpful treatment for all types of cancer.

Dr. Gonzalez's background, before Medical School, was in investigative journalism.   He was attracted to integrated and natural medicine because of the forward vision of individuals like Dr. Robert A. Good, then the President of Sloan-Kettering medical institution.  Dr. Good became Gonzalez's Research Advisor in his 2nd year at Cornell.  Dr. Good supported a review Gonzalez undertook of the work of renegade healer, Dr. William Donald Kelley-- not a physician, but a Texas-based dentist who developed his own nutritional/enzyme treatments  to heal hundreds of cases of cancer over twenty years, based on Dr. Beard's teachings.  Dr. Gonzalez published a monograph based on his intensive study of 500 cancer cases of Dr. Kelley's.  

Dr. Gonzalez explained his (and Dr. Beard's) concept of the  trophoblast, that is, the early placental tissue.  The placenta is meant to invade into underlying tissues to anchor the embryo.  Beard realized the early placenta-- the trophoblast-- produces a blood supply very rapidly.  Beard knew about cancer in 2006-- at that time pathologists had defined over 100 types of cancer, with 5 differing characteristics.

Dr. Gonzalez explained in the interview that "cancer is trophoblastic"  and that what we now hear about "stem cells" and how they provide a resevoir for tissues is the modern idea of the "trophoblast" as put forward by Dr. Beard in 1906.  He posits that Dr. Beard discovered 'stem cells'.

In his practice, Dr. Gonzalez uses a three-pronged approach to healing cancer:
1/individualized diet (selected from the best diet possibility for healing of a particular individual)
2/individualized supplements with pancreatic enzymes
3/individualized detoxification protocols

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