Friday, February 17, 2012

Eat Less, Sleep More, Improve Your Memory!

Paul Nison is right when he says these are not new findings (that overeating leads to memory loss). In 1983 Agatha Thrash published her vegetarian cookbook called "Eat for Strength". The title is taken from the Bible verse that reads: "Blessed are you, O land, whose king is of nobility and whose princes eat at the appropriate time-- for strength and not for drunkenness." -Ecclesiastes 10:17, New American Standard Bible (1995) This also speaks to Daniel and his fellow captives who had dedicated themselves to the Lord and refused all the fit-for-a-king rich food that was offered to them in Babylon. Less is more. People who live longer with their wits about them are frequently shown to eat pretty simply and mainly from a plant-based source.

Paul Nison is a Messianic Jew and a high raw vegan. He is quite careful about how he eats and bases much of what he eats on Biblical principles.

Drunkenness in terms of eating, quite shockingly, refers to how the body processes excess starches to become sugar, which in turn, become alcohol... another expression for drunkenness is "intoxication"... being made toxic.

Paul's book, The Daylight Diet, talks more about eating less and getting more rest as part of a good longevity regimen.

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