Monday, June 11, 2012

Clothesline Deck Umbrella

I really love Pinterest.  I thought that it was just about smacking up commercial images and had no idea that it was all about sharing wonderful ideas with like-minded community.  Here is our little contribution to the idea world.  I was whining for a long time about wanting a clothesline in the back yard.  Nothing materialized so I bought a handy-dandy rotating clothesline.  I waited for our son to visit so that he could help me cement the pole into the ground, or whatever had to happen for me to use such a thing.  He looks at the world from Pinterest eyes (he is "of that generation") and came up with what is a great energy-saving (in many ways) idea.  What do you think?

And the Breaky on the Deck?  Green Smoothie with Big Handful  of Kale, 1 T. powdered raw Carob,
 1 T. Honey, 3 C.Almond Milk, 2 frozen Bananas

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