Sunday, May 10, 2020

Let's Grow More Food!

Let's grow more food-- my new mantra for this spring and summer!  Yes, today is the last day for the inspirational Home Grown Summit.  I have learned a lot from the many presentations I have watched.  I am looking forward to watching those learnings spin out over the summer and over the years to come.  Go here to sign up for the final day of the Home Grown Summit-- or click on the banner above to take you there, where you will register with your email address and name.  Then you will receive the information to access all of today's presentations, free.  If it is not to your liking, just unsubscribe.  

3 Strategies
 to Simplify Preserving and Storing Your Harvest
 So You Can Enjoy The Fresh Food All Year Long
Free. Online 
 at 10amPDT Tuesday, May 11th.
Just before I typed this I had a really interesting invitation arrive in my email to attend a workshop on preserving my garden food-- a workshop by one of the speakers (Stacey Murphy) I enjoyed very much when I listened to her yesterday.  If you are interested in knowing about several safe and healthy methods for preserving your harvested veggies, you can check out the page to sign up for that HERE.  You also get to download a freebie transcript of the workshop, so that note-taking is not necessary (she does speak with enthusiasm, and pretty fast).  
I plan to have more good resources from the Summit on here as the summer plays on.  Leave a message in the comment section below (your email address will not be published with your comment but I will have it to contact you with what you specifically request) and I can put you on the list to contact when I post other information that might be of value to you in your garden.  Let me know what that might be!


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