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Be Anxious For Nothing

I love tissue paper art.  I love working with a medium that doesn't smell or end up in hard-to-remove globs on clothing or furniture.  I love the colours.  I love the fact that it is a pretty inexpensive way to express myself.  I love layering the tissue and seeing what emerges.

So, one dreary day I got out the layers of coloured paper and decided that I would do an ocean piece.  I had purchased a couple of canvases at the local Dollarama ($4 each I think), and I had a good supply of white glue from other projects for myself and my granddaughters.

I layered and cut out different configurations and layered them.  I changed the trees and mountains into just the dark band of sea along the horizon.  I did this over a series of weeks when the urge hit.  This morning I collaged a sort of seashore with some money plant husks, quinoa flakes, and a few kinds of salt: ground kelp, celtic sea salt, and some pink Himilayan salt.

Finally, after that had seemingly all come together, I ran off Philippians 4: 6-7 on the printer and cut out the words.  I arranged the words.  I glued the words.

YES-- I made a huge mistake-- that I discovered after the glue had dried and I had takent the above photo-- can you see it?  (Hint: If you are reading the above meme, then on the second line, kindly swap around the two phrases so that it reads: "...in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving..."  I felt a great deal of shame as the child of perfectionism, and a sort of anxiety reaction.  But, you know what, I have actually learned the verse and see its relevance to the mistake I've made.  And I do like the seascape, the way it turned out with spirally waves and lots of colour.


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