Friday, December 16, 2016

Why And How To Consume Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth-- hey, isn't that the stuff you lay down in the garden so the undesired bugs will walk through it and their exoskeletons will be penetrated and their interiors will dehydrate, end of bug?  Yes!

My husband, Ed, is a  diligent analyst of natural or organic "new" (to him or me) natural substances or theories that might be helpful in addressing health issues, improving or maintaining wellbeing.  Diatomaceous earth-- microscopic fossilized aquatic skeletons in the soil that over time becomes the mineral, silica -- came across his radar screen a couple of years ago (maybe about the same time as we were "oil pulling" with coconut oil until one of my dental crowns was sluiced loose).  Read about all the benefits in the following slideshow-- you'll be amazed!

The notion of consuming this chalky white powder that people use as a natural insecticide was not at all attractive to me.  In fact, it was as repugnant as adding baking soda to my tasty green smoothie (another one of his suggestions from that time).  I got over the repugnance as I realized I did indeed feel better and the "taste" was pretty much neutral, not even unpleasant.

This is what he told me about the benefits of using diatomaceous earth in my diet:

(1) Diatomaceous earth is more than half a natural form of the mineral SILICA.  While it isn't a 'food' so it can't be considered a "wholefood," silica is definitely NOT an isolate when you take it in via diatomaceous earth.  You are getting the benefit of the silica without any of the chemicals that are generally used to separate it out for the silica shoveled into capsules.  

Silica works along with calcium and other minerals to strengthen and maintain NAILS and HAIR.  Silica deficiency results in dry, broken nails and dull hair with split ends. Click on the arrow to find out about the many other benefits for you to get your silica from diatomaceous earth:

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