Monday, August 28, 2017

If You Got a Cancer Diagnosis, What Would You Do?

A cancer diagnosis can be a little too much to swallow at the moment it is delivered.
So, you go to the doctor to get something like a mole checked out-- you think maybe you will have it frozen off, like your friend Bea suggested.  The next minute you hear: 
“Hmm... this doesn't look good.  I'd like to schedule an appointment for a biopsy.”
And next, your well-intentioned doctor begins blasting you with descriptions of treatments and protocols (whatever protocols are?) that you must listen carefully to, and do right away.  Your head feels like it might explode.
How you proceed can mean the difference between life and death...
Chris Wark understands this all too well.
In December 2003 (just two days before Christmas!), when he was just 26 years old, he was diagnosed with advanced cancer.
It was definitely NOT the Christmas present Chris was expecting, and he was immediately rushed into the cancer treatment system, but a decision he made a few weeks later changed everything and saved his life. 
And he states that one decision was absolutely the hardest decision he’s ever made…
One thing that Chris suggests to help you make important choices is to know what to ask the Onacologist(s) that you visit.  Click below to get the Questions that you will want to ask:

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