Thursday, May 27, 2021

Garlic To Go

Separate and peel cloves from about 10-20 garlic heads (crowns) and whirr up in your blender.

We all know that raw garlic can't be beat for antibiotic action (as a non-medical person that is what I am understanding from what I read) --it's the allicin.

 I stopped taking a particular 'superior' brand of garlic tablet because it contained silicon dioxide (sand) that has been suggested to contribute to "chronic fatigue syndrome". I ramped up my use of raw garlic.  (IMPORTANT: Herbs are potent medicine. Do your due diligence and speak to your health provider about any conflicts that might exist between garlic and any prescribed medications).

There are circumstances (lots of them) when I really don't have the luxury of time needed to peel and chop garlic. So, I am doing what Dr. Ben Kim describes his mother doing: I simply peel cloves of entire garlic bulbs, dump them into my Vita-mix canister, let it rip until they are finely chopped, nearly liquified, and then I put them into small glass jars. I make at least two jars: one for the fridge and one for the freezer. 

When I begin to run out of garlic in the fridge, I transfer the frozen garlic from the freezer into the fridge to thaw (takes about two days). Thanks Dr. Kim's Mother!

To your living health!

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