Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Breathing in the Dentist Chair

The older I get, the more freaked I am about getting dental work done (also called dentist phobia).  I know, such high anxiety doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, but I figure it has to do with (1)blowing my adrenals in my past role as a social worker and (2)having too many frickin root canals along life's way.  In any case, today was the day where I had to go and get the prep work done for a new crown.

A couple of days ago I called the dentist to let them know that I would like to have some Nitrous Oxide.  Two friends told me it was like "a twilight sleep" and that sounded good.  I checked out some of the forums online and was careful not to read the ones that complained about the Nitrous Oxide not working for them, or causing more anxiety or whatever.  I just knew that I needed something to handle all the tension in my shoulders, my racing heart, my rapid breathing, my dry mouth, etc. etc. etc.

And of course I worried that it would also affect my new breathing protocol.  

But I figured I could deal with that again later.

And I still felt guilty.

I did do a number of "squeeze-and-breathe" calming exercises that helped with the initial announcement by the dental assistant that I would not get the 'gas' until after they took impressions.  Truth be known, it was the impressions that bothered me the most-- all that waxy gluey gunk gluing your teeth together and seeming to seal your throat off.  The impressions AND having the chair reclined so far back that I fantasize about having everything that enters my mouth sliding down into my throat. But I soldiered through... even though she had to do TWO of the same set of impressions because my lip got in the way (yeah, blame it on my lip) the first time.  I survived.  The gas was pretty magnificent and I would recommend it to any other wimps out there.  

So, now I am home again, and so very grateful to have a couple of weeks until the actual crown arrives and needs to be fitted in.  It is nice to have a tooth in the front of my mouth.  I am appreciative of the skills and kindness of the dental staff.  

And tomorrow I will start up with the breathing exercises in earnest.

God bless (and just breathe!) ~Cynthia

(Click on the tab for the page "Getting My Breath Back" if you want to read other parts of my Back-to-Breathing journey)

Speaking of breathing, I notice that Raw Diva Tera Warner has a breathing presenter as part of her Women's 2013 WISH Summit.  Maybe Breathing is becoming an important new trend?


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  2. thank you goldclark.. I gave up base posturing when I was 50 :p


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