Monday, December 30, 2019

Best Hummus Recipe (Extra Garlicky, Vegan, Gluten-free, Low Fat)

Here you have what our family has come to call the BEST Hummus.


Because to our tastebuds, it is just simply the best tasting hummus!  

Where the recipe calls for 4+ Garlic cloves?  We really amp that up-- I think I used 7 today.

There is no olive oil or other oils-- just the tahini-- to carry to oily mouth feel.  Please feel free to add a little olive oil if you desire.

We enjoy the smoky taste of tahini, but if it tastes a little "off" to you, go ahead and use peanut butter or some other nut or seed butter (hemp seed would be tasty).

We likely use about a 1/2 - a full teaspoon of sea salt, but really not much is required if you trust the garlic and tahini to carry the flavour.

I also buy dry garbanzos and cook them up in my Instant Pot (electronic pressure cooker) until they are soft (today's batch of beans were kind of old and I had to cook them for a record-breaking 40 minutes on the bean/chili setting, but normally 20 minutes in the pressure cooker works fine.  Organic chickpeas from scratch works best for us.  But chickpeas from a can will work.

I used a blender today.  A potato masher, or even a fork, also does the trick.

The red sprinkle is organic Hungarian Smoked Paprika.  Go ahead and garnish with what you like: olive halves, cayenne, Middle Eastern spice blends, capers, minced garlic.... you're the chef!

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