Monday, December 2, 2019

Christmas Tree Alternatives

courtesy of Pixabay
Yes, I too love the traditional Christmas tree-- the fragrant pine or the standard luxurious artificial tree with the built in LED lights that never need to be strung or removed.  But this year I thought it would be fun to have something in one of the corners of a room that was NOT a traditional tree as defined above.   The best place I find for ideas is on Pinterest


Pretty easy representation of a small tree.  More like a wreath.  But shaped like a tree, so it passes.  Get a pair of knit mittens and stuff them with greens-- fake here, but you could use fresh cedar, etc.

2. The Gentle Woodlands Tree Hanging ..

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Image Sourced from OHbaby
This is a simple and sweet stylized Christmas tree that would look good on any wall.  Drill some holes in some sticks of lessening lengths, put string through to take on the triangle tree shape, and hang (or perch) your choice of whimsical decorations on the stick branches.  Weave some lights in.

   3. The Wonderful Light-ness of Christmas

33+ Amazing Christmas Tree Light Decor Ideas #christmas #christmasideas »
                                         And then there was lights-- just lights!

This might work quite well if you have a ceiling hook that was originally designed for a hanging plant.  I have a few of those in my 70s house.  Even when my husband re-painted the ceilings, he replaced the hooks for the hanging plants.  Hmm.  Perhaps he was envisioning this light tree!  

4. The Scent of a Christmas Tree...

Christmas Tree Alternatives
When the bough bends....   Wedding Chicks

I really like this as an alternative to the artificial tree we have been putting up over the recent years.  A pine branch or a cedar bough-- all good.  The fragrance will be lovely.  There will be needles, but that is the cost of enjoying natural ions right in your home!  It appears that this tree is hung with tiny pots of Tillandsia or air plants.  Wouldn't my household spider just love this!

5. The Book Worm's Tree

Inspiring Christmas Tree Alternatives Ideas For Small Space 02
The Light At The End of the Semester   Trendehouzz

So, there you are!  Five interesting alternatives to your usual Christmas tree to whet your creative juices during this jolly season!   All the best!  Enjoy yourself!


  1. This is amazing. Generally I preferred artificial tree but I'll try this thing.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Jay! Let me know when you try something-- take a photo and if you want, I'll post it on here with credits to you. Have fun!


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