Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Lazy Perogy Vegan Poutine with Mushroom and Onion Sauce

This perogy poutine is right out of my head, so please feel free to improve upon it, eliminate and add ingredients, do whatever you need to do to make it seem like a lazy perogy version of poutine for you.

That said, my husband raved about this particular vegan perogy-poutine recipe and said it was his fave of the three variations (the other two being: Poutine with Cheesy Smoky White Sauce and Poutine with Fat-Free Cheesy Nacho Sauce, also both vegan, of course).  So maybe the ingredients are just right for you as well.  You will have to try it and see what you think.


650 g/ 1 1/2 pounds  frozen potato fries

The Mushroom and Onion Sauce:

2 T.      cooking oil (I used olive oil)
1          organic mushroom bouillon cube ("Go Bio" brand) (optional)
1/2 lb.  crimini mushrooms, cleaned and roughly chopped
1          large onion, cut up (diced or in rings, your choice)
3          garlic cloves, minced
small quantity (about 1/2 C.) really cheesy cheese sauce OR 1/2 cup Corn Starch slurry*
2 C.     non-dairy milk (I used unflavored almond milk-- soy, oat or rice milk would be good too)
1 tsp.   fine sea salt
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
Black Pepper
Chopped Parsley
Chopped Green Onions
Tofutti Sour Cream (or this is a good scratch recipe if you have the ingredients)

*Prepare your fries by putting into pre-heated oven or air fryer or ?

I used the saute setting on my Instant Pot, but you can do the sauce in the traditional way in a skillet or wok on the stove.
Add in the oil and on medium heat, when heated, add in the onions, garlic, and mushrooms and stir-cook to brown for a few minutes.
Add in the non-dairy milk and the bouillon cube.  Stir and let it cook for a few (maybe 4) minutes, still on medium heat.
*Add in the real cheesy sauce or the slurry, stirring constantly to achieve smoothness (a slurry is a smooth mix of starch and liquid used to thicken the sauce).
Add in salt and stir for about a minute.  Squeeze on juice of a 1/2 lemon and stir through.
Turn off the sauce and remove it from burner (if using traditional method).  Plate up the fries and ladle the sauce over them.
Add on black pepper, chopped green onions, parsley, and tofutti.

Other ingredients that we can see using:

Sauerkraut or chopped cabbage
Fake baco-bits (you can make your own)
vegan sausage
Rice or quinoa in place of potatoes

What did you try?  Send me a picture to healthiacynthia on Instagram and I will feature your perogy poutine on here.

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