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Fit by Fidgetting

Starting a brand new #FridayFitness series of blog articles here focusing on folks like myself who are looking for a fitness routine that:

  • has *Beginner* level options
  • Is fun, with variety and encouragement
  • has a brain science component
  • is free
  • is easily accessible online (NOT ZOOM)
I have 2 suggestions for try-outs this week.  I will be incorporating these particular fitness variants into my own schedule this week and will report back next week.  

I sure would like to know what you think and how they work for you if you try them yourself.  

1. FIDGETTING as Fitness

Yes, you read that right.  Getting in touch with your Bored Inner Child is required.  (Just kidding-- sort of)

Dr. Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist from Stanford University where he and his team primarily work to understand and develop improved functionality for congenital eye problems.  

Fortunately, Dr. Huberman is also not adverse to teaching laypeople everywhere about how our fascinating brain and connected systems work.

I follow him @hubermanlab on Instagram.

If you do not have an Instagram account, it is worth getting one just to connect with him.   Even just to hear about why subtle movements like jiggling your knees while you sit can produce amazing results in body fitness!  

I am purposely jittering and fidgetting this week.  Hear more about applying fidgetting this week and the potential results here

2. Practical Fitness Reps for Beginners

The second fitness try-out is with lovely soft-spoken Justin Agustin, also on Instagram.   He makes a pretty good workout gentle and fun to do... even adapts floor exercises to chair, couch and bed!  LOL  

Find him and his variety of specific focused sets (i.e., cardio, core, etc.) Here.

Eating for Health

As you have likely figured out from the recipes this blog site, my husband and I eat plant-based with more recent attention to food prep without salt, added oils, and refined sugars in the meals we prepare and eat regularly.  Referred to as SOS, this plant-based, whole food way of eating helps us prevent major health crises (heart disease, diabetes, High Blood Pressure, cancer, and keep down inflammation that leads to dis-ease in general.  

John and Ocean Robbins over at Food Revolution Network are definitely leaders in the plant-based, whole food movement and offer a free online summit and a super master class for individuals transitioning to the whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

I follow Dr. Michael Greger who makes regular videos on nutritional studies he reviews and posts them at nutritionfacts.org  Check out Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen App if you are interested in a handy plant-based checklist of daily eats.

We also take some supplements.  My husband is most interested in that aspect and I let him do the research and purchase the supplements he thinks we need.  He likes Dr. Andrew Saul at doctor yourself.com

** Illustration at top of page is a delicious plant-based wholefood snack-- recipe found HERE.  The wild rose is my daily pick for the fragrant oxygenation of my brain!