Friday, March 18, 2011

Earthquake Clean-up with E.M.

When you think earthquake, do you think about the following possible events, sounds and sights?

  • Impassable roads (fallen hidro lines, collapsed bridges, landslides, tsunamis or boulders blocking any passage like the ones you see fenced off on the roads through the Rockies
  • No hydro; no phones because of pole and tower collapses
  • No cell signals because of jammed, inoperable towers
  • Broken water mains; perhaps obstruction by landslides
  • No operable bank machines
  • Fuel confined to use by emergency vehicles only
  • Only the most seriously injured will be seen by doctors or hospitals
  • No food delivery systems
  • Hoarding of supplies results in rapid emptying of shelves in the stores
Now, what about smells and pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms?)?  How about the smells that will result when sewage lines break and mix with the flood waters everywhere?  Most of us have had our delicate noses assaulted by something like a backed-up toilet or a malfunctioning septic system once or twice in our life.  But the smells of doom are even more horrifying.  Here is a video talking about an enterprising and effective way to safely, greenly, get rid of sewage odours AND pathogens with something called EM (effective microorganisms):

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