Monday, January 21, 2013

Crazy Carrot Cake Oatmeal Porridge (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

Another sort of gloomy, cool, and foggy morning here on Vancouver Island.  We know that Spring is on the way, but ...
So, it calls for a bowl of porridge-- something that "sticks to your ribs" as my mother used to say (I think she said that, but it may have been someone else).  
Here is a plug for healthy organic eating (and cooking)-- food actually TASTES better when it is organically-grown.  That is my observation, and apparently, it's true, according to food scientist Harold McGee (quoted from a blog over at The "when plants are under attack, they begin to ramp up production of their chemical defenses. This can mean releasing an aroma that attracts counter-attacking bugs (wasps for caterpillars, for instance), manufacturing something toxic or distasteful to the insects themselves, or producing an anti-fungal compound.
For us, these "defenses" translate directly into flavor and aroma. McGee says, "Because they're not protected by pesticides, organic plants that suffer from insect attack can accumulate higher level of flavor chemicals and other protective molecules, including antioxidants."

So, there's another reason to eat organic-- the taste and the gorgeous aroma!  So, here are the ingredients for your carrot cake porridge... make them whole and organic as much as possible and you will benefit from those choices:

Ingredients: (serves two)

2/3 C. of Steel Cut Oats
2 tsp. Chia Seeds
3 C. Water
1 C. grated Carrot (or 2 grated carrots)
1 T. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Nutmeg
1 tsp. Ginger powder or small nob of fresh Ginger root, grated
Pinch of Salt
2 T. Coconut shreds
1/4 C. Thompson's Raisins
Chopped Nuts for topping (Walnuts are high omega and traditionally used in carrot cake)
Sweetener of Choice (I used Raw Honey)
Almond Mylk


Place all the ingredients (minus last three listed above) in a pot. Bring the porridge to a boil, cover, turn to low, and cook until water is absorbed (about 7-15 minutes).

Transfer your carrot cake oatmeal porridge to a bowl, add nuts, sweetener, and mylk, and mmmmmmm... is it not sinful for porridge to taste like cake?

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  1. Very healthy and very tasty. A good start to the day.


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