Thursday, April 10, 2014

The "Swedish" Bike Helmet

I am in the market for a bike helmet because recently I broke down and bought a bike.  I have been considering doing that for a very long time.

True, I walk 5 miles a day and if I need to go to town I can either drive or catch a ride with my hubby.  However, I do want to do my bit for the environment, and bicycling is every so much more eco-friendly than driving a vehicle that runs on fuel (probably more friendly than driving an electric car as well when you consider that the electrical energy is often STILL produced by burning coal).  

I need an adult carrier/basket like THIS
So, I chose a bike that is easy for me to get my legs over-- I needed a lower type bar than many I have tried.  I also didn't particularly want to have gears to bother with, that is how old-fashioned I am.  And I like handlebars that are curved in the old school way, as well.  So, here is a picture of me on my new bike (which also has a chain guard that extends over the entire chain-- how cool is that?).  I am going to purchase a basket that isn't so cutesy and pass this one on to my granddaughter.  But, in general, I am ready to rock and roll!

Except for a helmet!!

And we know how important they are to keeping our tofu-soft brain in good shape!

So, I went to the usual places and tried on those stream-lined plastic lids.  I will likely succumb to one, but for now I am "researching".  If you like your helmet, you are more apt to wear it! These are examples of the sort of helmet I would really like (for me & my granddaughters):
Watch how it works:

And a couple of other helmet types that I wouldn't mind owning:
Do you have a helmet you really like?  Share any of your 'bike helmet' stories and/or comments please! :

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