Thursday, January 21, 2016

16+ Foods You Can Propagate from Scraps...

So, you want to grow a garden using food scraps-- the parts of fruits and veggies that get tossed after the good bits have made it into the stew or the salad. It makes so much sense, doesn't it? You don't have much room, in fact you don't have a yard. You don't have much spare money, but you do have all these leftovers from your last shop at Wholefoods, some have gone hairy in the fridge, some never did make the grade for the school lunch.  Or maybe you do have a yard and you would like it to contain an orchard of your favorite apples or a luscious cherry tree dripping fruits onto the table on your deck.  Well... let's take a look at 15 (at least) veggies and fruits that it is possible for you to propagate from scraps (the parts of the fresh fruits and veggies that you are not using when you cook or snack on them) or through cuttings from generous neighbours and various other fun and free sources ...

Just click below on the fruits and vegetables you are interested in growing and you will be taken to the page where the instructions and some helpful videos are contained. Some of these links are to highly rated youtube videos alone (more content to come). This is a particularly fun activity to engage in with children and grandchildren.

How to Grow An Apple Tree from your Snack Apple
How to Grow An Avocado Plant From A Pit
How to Propagate Basil
How to Grow Blueberries from Store-Bought Blueberries
How to Prepare Seeds from a Store-Bought Canteloupe for Planting
How to Grow A Carrot With Carrot Scraps
How to Re-Grow Celery from A Throw-Away Stalk
How to Grow A Cherry Tree from a Seed
How to Grow A Peach, A Nectarine or a Plum Tree from the Pits
How to Grow a Citrus Tree from Seed FASTER
How to Propagate a Pineapple You Just Ate
How To Plant a Potato Crop from a Potato You Bought At Your Organic Grocery Store
How to Re-Grow Romaine Lettuce
How To Grow from a Seeds from Your Grocery Store Squash
How to Grow Free Strawberry Plant from your Neighbour's Plant, or your Own
How to Grow A Tomato from a Grocery Store or Farm Gate Tomato

Here is a very inspiring video to get your planting on:

 *Image courtesy of Anje Ranneberg

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