Spiralizing: Oodles and Oodles of Zoodles and Noodles

Okay, who has a spiralizer sitting in the bottom of their cupboard?  Is that because you don't like eating yummy zucchini spaghetti? No?  Is it because there were no instructions with your spiralizer and you ended up frustrated and maybe even with a ripped open thumb?  Oy.  So much for all those wonderful intentions to increase your daily dose of veg!

Let us rectify that situation by watching this very helpful video seminar on spiralizing zoodles:

I recommend:  

Now, let's quickly review some of the pointers the demo made:

  1. Set the Spiralizer up on a clean, flat surface and position at large bowl behind the blade insert (to catch the noodles)
  2. Cut off the end of the zucchini (or other veg) and attach the cut end, center, to the little metal spool.  
  3. Slide the disk with the prickles right up against the other end of the veg (or zucchini) and make sure there is a nice firm fit, nothing is slipping off
  4. Grasp the top of the cutting plate and lightly push down with one hand while turning the handle with the other hand
  5. Watch the noodles slide off into the bowl-- so much fun!
  6. You will feel the slight lack of engagement (???) as the end of the veggie (or zucchini) diminishes towards the finish.
  7. When it seems like you're totally done, detach the veg from the spiralizer (you can compost or maybe cook the remaining 'core' of the veggie... in the case of the zucchini it might just be the "seed tube")
  8. Cut the noodles with your kitchen shears
  9. Wash up your spiralizer, rinse, air dry.... should last you for years!

And here is a sampling of the recipes you can make
using your super fun spiralizer (just click on the recipe thumbnail to check it out):
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