5 Sweet Ways To Show Off Your Daylilies

I have a couple of great pops of day lilies in my yard.  Daylilies are so called because they have a bright surprise bloom that generally doesn't last more than a day or so.  They bloom in mid-late June (Vancouver Island) and provide lots of colorful blooms for cutting and showing off.

Here are some lovely arrangements that you can use to showcase your Daylilies:

  1. Daisies and Daylilies
A fresh, cheerful bouquet.  Daisies and daylilies bloom about the same time.  

     2. California Sunshine
Canada Floral

This is an Asiatic Lily mix called "California Sunshine."  You can have the same bright dramatic effect by putting together daylilies with these alluringly sunny color contrasts.  Put it somewhere that needs a big pop of bright cheerful sunshine to bring it alive!

    3. 180- Degree Vista
Chester Garden Club
This gorgeous peachy arrangement is a little different to what we are used to, on its side like a lush exotic flower salad.  Have fun with the variety of leaves.  The large soft hosta leaves along the back really draw the eye after the lilies on their soft lettuce-like leaf bed.  Note the seed stems for some extra interest and texture!  Have fun! 

Perhaps you have always wanted to take a floral design course so that you could put together beautiful arrangements like the ones here?  See what you can learn online for a small fraction of what it would cost to take it outside your home. Learn to create whimsical designs suited to your flowers, the occasion, and where the flowers will be presented.  Click HERE for more information.

   4. Daylilies-Roses-Succulents Burst
Korori Flower Shop
This Daylily bouquet includes succulents and tea roses.  Exotic and romantic, a super centerpiece for a wedding anniversary dinner!

     5.  Theatrical Display of Daylilies
Golden B Designs
And talking about dramatic... this explosive arrangement was put together for the Norris Theatre, Rolling Hills Estates, California.  The bright yellow and red Daylilies are teamed up with Bird of Paradise, Anthurium and sprays of Red Ginger. No shortage of Divas here..

If you have it in you to want to put together such a whimsical flower design using market or home-grown flowers, you can learn the basics online with Udemy.  Go here to get the information and to register.

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