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Granny Taps with the 12th Annual TWS

 12th Annual Tapping World Summit
The 12th Annual Tapping World Summit is online now (February 24 to March 4, 2020) If it is still on when you read this, you can click the image above to register free.


Tapping on body meridians to deal with any number of issues and goals, from easing a recurring headache to becoming a confident, self-caring unstoppable on the way to success in all areas of your life, is not a newly introduced "energy medicine."  But this is the first time I have done an article on it in some time, so if you are new to the concept, and curious how it works, here is a useful video to watch: Suggestions on How To Tap with Brad Yates  After you get over the feeling that it is a woo-woo thing, you will understand when Brad says "The only silly thing about tapping is not doing it."

The Tapping World Summit is the longest-running online "summit" or series of webinars of interviews with prominent experts in the Tapping Community.  The Ortner family-- siblings Alex, Nick and Jessica-- have developed this effective way of getting the benefits, mechanics, and recent trends out into the online world.  While you can purchase an entire kit of interviews and other useful teaching items for the cost of a couple of self-development coaching sessions, you can also watch all the videos (30+) for free during the time the Summit is live.  Each day's offering of 2 or more video interviews is available to watch free, on-demand, for 24  hours.


Last night we were introduced to Jim Kwik, who has been a friend with the Ortners from before the tapping involvement.  Jim's session with Jessica Ortner is entitled "Boost Your Brain Power-- How to Improve Your Memory, Focus and Ability to Learn Easily."  Jim had an unfortunate fall in his kindergarten year, resulting in a brain injury and a number of discouraging comments grew out of the learning challenges that came of that injury.  But like many resilient children, Jim didn't give in and accept a label of having a "disability" or a "broken brain".  He worked hard to catch up with his peers, teaching himself to read, even though it took him three years.  

Today Jim is a memory expert who can teach anyone to remember names and learn whatever they want to in a focused, fun way.  Before he became expert in the field, Jim had a pretty classic phobia around public speaking.  Today he gets up in front of thousands to present.  He credits tapping as a real boon to anyone who is naturally introverted or shy (not the same thing-- shyness is the lack of confidence that grows out of being shamed).  For anyone who had a patchy time of it in school-- who was put down or picked on or felt invisible-- tapping can be particularly helpful to working to eradicate the feelings of unworthiness and hurt.  These feelings continue to use up all kinds of energy years after the original events that instilled them.  If you want to free up that energy to get on with a happier life with a boosted brain, I recommend getting hold of Jim's interview with Jessica, where they do 2 or 3 great tapping sessions, and where Jim talks more about his fascinating area of expertise.  You can listen live by registering HERE on February 28 until 5pm PT, or purchase the materials HERE to listen to whenever you want.

Here is Jim Kwik talking AND teaching about his passion:

And here he is using tapping (EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique) with his friend Nick Ortner-- to demonstrate how you can clear self-sabotage in learning:


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