Monday, December 13, 2021

10 Days of GF Christmas -Day#3

I hope you are having a pretty mellow day today. The more mellow you are (that includes smiling, (even if you don't particularly feel like it), the more healthy it is for your brain. Not kidding-- read all about it in "How God Changes Your Brain" by neuroscientist, Andrew Newberg, MD and Mark Robert Waldman. 

 Today we are going to do a Christmas craft / gift that relies on your having baking soda on hand as its main ingredient. You definitely will need some other supplies for this craft / gift, but the result will be pretty minimally costly, I promise. And you will feel great! 

 I am referring to, of course, CHRISTMAS BATH SALTS as today's crafty item. 

 This is one that you may let your child help you with, unless, of course, Santa opts to give them the Grinch Bath Salts in their stocking... in which case, you might want to do this activity by yourself again. (sorry)
Get the recipe for the Grinch Bath Soak HERE
I like the easypeasy putting together of this item instead of some of the fussiness that goes into making bath bombs.

But I would like to make a couple of suggestions:  Rather than peppermint essential oil, if you had some balsalm fir or pine (or both) essential oils, they would be a much more Christmas-y fit than peppermint.  I can still smell my Grandpa's evergreen-scented soap from 60+ years ago-- I used to like to go into the bathroom just to smell it.  It truly smelled like Christmas.

Peppermint Essential oils are often something you might have on hand, though, in which case, go ahead with that.  Be a little careful to make sure they are fully mixed in.  Peppermint can burn little bottoms.

My second suggestion is that you don't really need special lids if you are using mason jars with the usual top and lid.  This gear will keep the fragrance in like any other fancy lid.

Go ahead and enjoy!!


Feel like making some cookies?

These GF- Pumpkin Hermits are all about the Holiday Scents: spicy and pumpkin-y! Yum!

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