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Ghost Gear: Haunting Canadian Waters

O Canada! 

Our safe sea home and pristine land!

Apparently NOT...

Take a gander at the plastic gunk garnered from our "pristine" waters:

A man-made garbage hill like this is known as "ghost gear" and is the lost, abandoned or trashed gear -- mostly plastics--of the fishing industry, that ends up as a disgusting 58% of marine macro debris. Want to be part of the solution and not the problem? Learn More → 


Learn More → Marine Sea Glass Crafters and Collectors-- today only-- 39-piece sea shell

and sea glass collection from Vancouver Island beaches. From Etsy Canada

Also take a look at Natalie McIntosh's London, Ontario enterprise:

Canada Needs A Strong Global Plastics Policy
Friend, I signed a petition calling on world leaders to support a strong global plastics treaty. As you know, plastic pollution is everywhere. Scientists have even found microplastics in the air we breathe and the food we eat. We need a solution that matches the scale of the problem. A global treaty on plastics is that solution. And we are one step closer in the UN process to achieving it. Negotiations will start later this year, with the goal of completing the process by the end of 2024. Now's the time to ask world leaders to back up this global treaty. Add your name here :


Thank you!

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