La Mousse Végétalien Habitude ('The Usual Vegan Mousse') (gluten-free)

I went into the pantry tonight and found a very over-ripe avocado.

 What came to mind? Guacamole? Nope. Chocolate Mousse, of course.  Nothing makes a mousse like avocado.  Especially when you are vegan (all those eggs, you know) or lazy (all those eggs to be beaten up).

  And since I'm trying to cut down on refined sugars, I used Stevia (just a packet of "SweetLeaf") and a few maple chips (little pieces of maple sugar) and a few cacao nibs (what are they? little pieces of hardened cacao I guess-- certainly not chocolate chips!)  So here is the easy recipe for the 2 puddings my husband and I enjoyed (and he gets to 'lick out the blender' as well-- without slicing his tongue on the blade I hope).

(Serves 2, or maybe 1 person who stays up really late and discovers the avo that needs dealing with)

1 large-ish over-ripe Avocado
1 1/2 C. Coconut Dream (or other non-dairy milk)
1 T.   Organic Cocoa Powder or Raw Cacao Powder
1 tsp. Organic Vanilla Extract
1-2 packets "Sweet Leaf" Stevia powder or maybe a dash of Maple Syrup
Crumbly bits on top like Cacao Nibs, Maple Bits, and maybe Goji Berries

Combine the first five ingredients in the blender until silky smooth.  Pour into nice dessert dishes and garnish with the crumbly bits.  Just right-- not too sweet, not too much fat or chocolate to feel virtuous!  Enjoy!

Outlet River in Sandbanks Park, Ontario in the SUMMER

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