Friday, August 25, 2017

Instant Pot and Aquafaba, Two of My Recent Pleasure Journeys....

I haven't posted for a while so this post will be a bit of a catch-up.  
The Dessert Table at our Neighbourhood ECLIPSE PARTY on Monday August 21st.                                                         Note the 3-legged guest in shorts... I think this eclipsed the Eclipse (non-Totality) for our neighbourhood.

We had a long visit with our charming granddaughters this summer-- almost a month!  They are home again and waiting to go to school and start all those Fall activities that kids look forward to.

Yanks ago (maybe 5 or 6 years ago) I purchased an electric pressure cooker called an Instant Pot.  Well, I have used it a few times, but not with the results I envisioned, and it lived for a long time in a back room off the pantry.  By and by, I had read enough stories about the amazing things that people have been cooking at the speed of love, mostly through Jill McKeever's facebook page Plant-Based Lifestyle Support  , and I actually took the time from there to read and watch videos that show how to properly use the Instant Pot to support our desire to eat an organic and nutritious Low Fat Plant-Based diet.  As the Fall-Winter unfolds, I fully intend to post many of the delicious recipes on this site, so stay connected, okay?

And I discovered the beauties of Bean Brine, otherwise known as Aquafaba!  More to come... (HINT: it's a Vegan Cook's Latest Miracle Find for Subbing an Animal Food)

 I joined TOPS a few months ago (June) and have also been incorporating their tips into my new healthier lifestyle.  I have lost about 15 pounds eating a the low-fat vegan way.  I really appreciate that I am not compelled to (1)subscribe to a particular way of eating that I do not agree with and (2)am not compelled to buy pricey brand-name packaged foods at the weigh-in meetings (Tuesdays, 11am PDT, 4660 Headquarters Road, Courtenay, BC).  We have a teeny group at this point, but that allows for small group encouragement and friendship-building, key components for overcoming blocks and fears that prevent changes from happening.  Our facilitator, Carole Tilley, is awesome.

Below is a meme I made up to demo the simplicity of cooking perfect brown rice in my Instant Pot.
The perfect recipe for cooking brown rice to fast and easy perfection with the perfect electric pressure cooker 
Read like a CEO

 I hope to develop a number of these 'I-pot meme recipes' to tweet at /healthiacynthia.  Join me there!

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