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Granny Tries the Keto-Flex 3/12 Diet

How does a woman who has faithfully followed and eaten Low Fat Vegan for health and ethical reasons, suddenly flip over to the "high fat" keto diet that she has always been told was invented and propagated for "big money" by the late Dr. Atkinson?

If you have been following this blog, you know that I have faithfully extolled the virtues of a Low FAT Plant-Strong diet for a good hunk of my adult life.  Besides feeling very strongly that eating organically-grown fruit, veggies, whole grains and beans is the way to go, I have also heralded the low (and no) fat trends among vegans who listen to and love the agenda of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine who almost all firmly condemn a "high fat" vegan diet.  How did this happen?
                                      SEE THE KETOFLEX RECIPES I USE

Well, a couple of things have happened to change my decision around the way I eat:

1. I am 67 years old at the time of this writing.  I have had the opportunity to observe the wrath of dementia and Alzheimer's up close and there would seem to be a link between high blood sugar and dementia.  I want to minimize any cognitive decline possible.  My husband is of the same mind.

Recently a friend --who I highly respect because of her own health awareness journey--                        referred me to a new course in preventing cognitive decline offered by Dave Westbrook. This program details the multi-faceted Bredesen Protocol, set up by Dr. Dale Bredesen, to prevent, diagnose and reverse the effects of Alzheimer's Disease.  Dave Westbrook is trained and certified to present this Protocol.  I am familiar with Dave Westbrook, and signed up for his new "Natural Lifestyle" program.  

After we went through the protocol for diagnosing and reversing cognitive decline, we arrived at the place where Dave outlined the diet he will be following to get his weight down and live a cognitive-healthy life in his senior years.  Yes, it was a Ketogenic diet that looks to eat healthy fats to burn fats, vs. eating sugar-spiking simple carbs found in grains, starchy fruits and vegetables.   Because I have a history of trusting Dave's research and the spiritual beliefs that underpin his lifestyle, I am doing an  exploratory participation in the Keto-Flex diet.

The "Flex" part of the name refers to Dave's choice of promoting a vegan ketogenic diet vs "baconand butter" version that we arelikely familiar with.  We are also told that we can 'ease into this diet'slowly, and leave when iappears that our goals of optimal weight have been reached.  I still havesome nervousness around making such a 180 degree change in the way I eat, but I will be taking it slowly and monitoring for anything that doesn't seem right.

 2. My current low-fat, high starch vegan diet does not help me to lose weight.  I am obese            and unhappy with no prospects of suddenly slimming up if I continue to eat this way.  As I                  mentioned  above, I can give this way of eating a trial run and return to my regular vegan diet            when I feel the time is right to do so. You can find out a lot of information about the Keto Vegan Diet at this website: How to follow a Vegan Ketogenic Diet

So, I thought I would use this blog to publish some of the keto-flex recipes I will be using, and to give an ongoing commentary on how I am doing on the diet, perhaps critiquing in a way that will be useful for other considering this protocol information for themselves.   If you are interested in following along with Dave during his rolling out of this course (all previous portions have been recorded online and the program to come to laid out.  When you sign up for a lifetime membership you get whatever he offers for cognitive decline at a one-time cost to read, watch and listen to at your own pace.  If you want more information about the course please contact Dave Westbrook at dave @


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