Sunday, April 1, 2018

Ketoflex Recipe: Breakfast Bowl Deluxe

We are a big oatmeal-eating family so naturally we checked out to see where oatmeal falls in a ketogenic diet.... and YAY, a "moderate" amount of oatmeal is okay!  We are not quite sure what moderate IS, so we also loaded the bowl up with bonafide ketoflex fruits and fats (no refined sugars).  These are low-glycemic fruits.  Lilly's chocolate chips are sweetened with Stevia.  If you feel guilty about this not being terribly strict, you can look at it as a transitional dish! It's all good!

So, to make a bowl like this, you can organize the following:

  • soup ladel scoop of Steel-cut Oats, well cooked with some added coconut shreds
  • Lilly's Dark Chocolate Chips (they melt on the hot porridge... yum)
  • Fill up rest of space with a foundation of Coconut Yogurt (NOT dairy-- soy or almond yogurt are also fine.  Choose un-sweetened or sweetened with Stevia is okay
  • Dried Apricots, unsweetened, unsulphured (these are Turkish), chopped and briefly soaked in hot water to soften, if desired, or just unsoaked
  • Peeled Ruby Grapefruit segments... go crazy!
  • Fresh Strawberries, ripe
  • (Other berries can be substituted)
  • Sprinkling of Pepitas (shelled pumpkin seeds)
  • The amber-caramel-y Syrup you see is actually an antibiotic mix of Turmeric and Honey (5 T. Honey to 2 T. Turmeric, well-blended.  About 1 T. was used in this because we are fighting off the flu in our household-- probably not recommended as part of the Ketoflex diet I'm guessing).

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