Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Garlic Mushrooms - Vegan, GlutenFree

The other day a fellow commented that "a day without garlic is not much of a day at all!"

I happen to agree with this statement and rejoiced when my husband brought home some mushrooms, because then we could have GARLIC Mushrooms!  Pity, my husband went for a long bikeride and missed the small batch that I cooked up today (I'm not all that mean-- there are still some fresh ones in the fridge for him to cook up for himself if he so chooses.)  You can find a photo of some browner mushrooms below-- yours are more apt to turn out like these.

I think the mushrooms he brought home were Baby Bellas, a smaller take on Portobellas.  Did you know that Crimini are an even smaller version of Portobellas?

In any case, they slice up rather raggedy and don't have that cute picture appeal when cooked that little white mushrooms do.

But they taste very delicious... tender and with that umami taste-- "umami" is gourmet for "je ne sais quoi".  It's that lovely 6th flavour that reminds you that some mushroom genes are not far off from human genes.... although you can eat mushrooms as a vegan.  Happy about that!
Image by Photos for You from Pixabay

So, with little more ado, here is the recipe for Garlic Mushrooms:

INGREDIENTS: (FOR 1 - 2 people)

6 (medium-large) -10 (medium-small) Mushrooms

1/4 cup Olive Oil if vegan -- 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil + 2 Tablespoons Butter if not vegan                

(or 1/4 C. water or broth, if you don't consume oils)

4 fine-minced Garlic Cloves

1/4 cup of Parsley, Thyme or Celery leaves, minced (leave some for garnish)

Lemon Juice (only a squeeze)  **Watch video below for more lemon zest-y mushrooms

Sea Salt


  1. Clean up and slice the mushrooms Wipe or brush the mushrooms with a dry cloth or mushroom brush-- the less water on/in the mushroom, the better they cook
  2. Heat the saute pan (or use saute setting on your Instant Pot) 
  3. Add 2 T. Olive Oil or broth/water and add in mushrooms,  (with lemon zest as per video, if desired) and saute-ing  and stirring the them until golden
  4. Add in remaining ingredients: minced garlic,  parsley (or thyme, etc.) and squeeze of lemon.  Stir for a few minutes and plate.  Sprinkle with sea salt to taste.
  5. Garnish
  6. Enjoy!
Here is the video that shows you the how-to details--- ENJOY! 

Some other garlicky vegan recipes located at Hubpages: <-- click here and when you get there, just scroll down to find the 2 recipes.  Or you can click on the following images for the recipes (and remember to scroll down to find them)

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