Saturday, December 11, 2021

10 Days of GF Christmas

These 10 Days of Christmas on Organic Granny's site are henceforth dedicated to readers who are making a valiant effort to celebrate the Season without consuming gluten!

 I was thinking.  When folks are gluten-free during a holiday season, like Christmas, there seems to be an awful lot of time given over to baking and the like.  For the gluten-sensitive person, that might entail a lot of temptation and / or a lot of expensive ingredients used to sub in for something that might not necessarily smell or look or taste like the "usual" item.  Disappointment.

So, why don't we just branch out here and do something else creative.  If you have kids you might want to involve them in the activity (no pressure-- you can also do it while they are at school or asleep),

A few (maybe up to 10) ideas for crafts or gifts made from stuff you already have about-- old Christmas cards, scraps of wool, mismatched ornaments... we'll see as we go.  One craft a day with a reflection, and maybe a GF cookie recipe.

Starting today!

                      Folded Pages Angel

December 11, 2021

  Our first craft will be an Angel.  

Actually, I had considered doing 10 angel crafts with different recycling materials, in different styles, but I know that for some of you, that has already been done.

But I can't promise we won't do ANOTHER angel craft at some point.

The sweet angel above costs about $3 to make.  If you are missing some of the materials, you can buy one on Etsy for $48, so it appears that the craft is valued.  If you are like me, you have a pile of books you keep intending to drop off at the thrift store or put in one of those little neighbourhood libraries.  But you haven't done that yet.  So you have some of your supply for making this angel.  

Click here to get the list of materials and the instructions from DIYnCrafts.

This is probably not a craft you want to do with a child under 10, unless they are extremely dexterous and you and extremely patient.  You may want to do this one when they are safely tucked in for the night, or off visiting.  

Or you might want to introduce the toilet roll angel into the mix:

Toilet Roll Angel from The Happy Hooligans

Or you may want to do the whole Nativity Set in toilet rolls.  You can find it HERE too.

Whatever you do-- be sure to have fun and make memories!!

If you also feeling the yen to bake something, well, here are some lovely faux shortbread thumbprints cookies from my friend Michelle at Healthier Steps:

Vegan, Gluten-free Thumbprint Cookies from Healthier Steps

Craft/ Gift for Day 2 is HERE.

See ALL Crafts and Cookie Recipes listed HERE


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