Sunday, December 12, 2021

10 Days of GF Christmas - Day 2

Nice to have you here to do a little craft with recycled materials that you likely have around you somewhere.  If you missed the craft from yesterday, you can check it out HERE

DECEMBER 12, 2021. A couple of years my husband and I met his cousins at Church.  They are from another city and have a "beach house" in our community.  Like my husband, they grew up in Evangelical Lutheran households-- GERMAN Evangelical Lutheran households.   It was the first day of Advent-- "the Coming of the King of Kings."

The Pastor -- seemed like a priest to me-- in vestments, carrying the whole service by himself except for some help at Communion Time and the ladies crewing in the basement with coffee afterwards-- announced that the small fir tree in the Church yard that they had marked to be used this year as a Christmas tree, had been cut down and taken off.  Grinchy thieves.  Last night, apparently.

So, today's craft has to do with wood in honour of the stolen tree.   Trees are really so giving.  We do not actually need an entire tree to embrace the concept of a tree.  This craft (or gift) just requires some trimmings from a tree outdoors, or some unneeded sprigs from various old artificial wreaths,  and a pair of old mittens (or ones that you have recently knit with a desire to sacrifice).  And bits of sparkly stuff you have in the box of old Christmas decorations. The little tree-bunch is then hung up with by a piece of ribbon or cord, what have you.  Voila!

Sorry, there are no formal instructions to go with this picture.  I have confidence in your ability.

Mittens with Greens

If, after you do this, you feel like you would like to tackle some baking, may I direct you to the recipe for German pfeffernusse (pepper nuts) with the directions found right in this blog HERE.  

               Gluten-free Pfeffernusse 

You will find some German music to go along with the baking of the cookies, and if you want, a chance to check out the Big Karlesruhe Christmas Market for 2019.  All on that page with the cookies.

Hope to see you back here again tomorrow for another craft and some fun!

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