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Make your own Haramaki to Keep Your Kidneys Happy All Winter Long...

Kidneys from "Dreamstime"

 In 16th Century Japan, Samari warriors wore a haramaki-- a tight fitting piece of woven armor over their lower abdomen-- stomach, kidneys and other organs were somewhat protected. 

Today's haramaki has little in common with the military wraps. In Japan there is a burst of the haramaki on the fashion scene. It is generally a tube that is knit or woven to fit over the abdomen and takes various aesthetic forms, textures and colors.  

Keeping Your Core Warm

Take 3 minutes to watch this video that will tell you about the benefits of kidney warmers:

Along with the fashion surge, there is a recognition in Asia and cold-weather countries in Europe and North America, that the haramaki offers a solace for the kidneys and other organs in the abdomen. The haramaki (or "kidney warmer", "kidney wrap" or "core warmer"-- some of the many names it is called) will boost circulation, which is a great boon for warmth and health. It is soothing for women during their moon times, and can also offer some additional comfort and support for pregnant women.

The kidney is seen by Asian health providers as the source of health. Someone very dear to me had a situation where the kidney was suddenly brought into importance with a shocking diagnosis of "renal failure".  As it was explained to me in the emergency room by the attending doctor: "If you can't pee, your kidneys are in failure".  So, now I am on the lookout for anything that is kidney supportive and am happy to have come across the haramaki. 

DIY HARAMAKI for Kidney Health

Here is a great way to make a haramaki from an old wool blanket. I immediately dug up a wool blanket that I bought for one of my children about 40+ years ago (yes, we are ancient). I am not planning to buy any new wool items but I do want to use (repurpose) this unused blanket. 

Wool is a preferred textile for the haramaki. If you are vegan you quite likely will not want to source "new wool" but will feel okay about repurposing wool yarn from old sweaters, etc., from thrift stores, or your own closet, to knit or crochet your own haramaki. I made my husband each a wool blanket type kidney wrap, but also plan to knit up some others this winter.