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5 Delish Vegan Christmas Salads

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Salads are not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Christmas dinner, unless you are doing a Christmas potluck and someone assigned you a big green salad to offset all the richer fare.&nbsp

Think about it.  Festive salads are generally the fresh piece to offset all the cooked and baked and sugar'd up stuff that even dedicated and disciplined vegans "allow" themselves during the time of feasting.  A fresh salad is often all it takes to quell an over-eating of something a little richer than what you are used to.

The following salads are either new and different, or vegan take-offs on traditional salads.  I hope you find one that you want to try!


Giadzy Cantaloupe, Red Onion & Walnut Salad
Find this delicious sunny brunch salad

This great-looking canteloupe, red onion and walnut salad is a true Mediterranean delight-- from the island of Sardenia where people lead very long and healthy lives.  Besides the canteloupe, onion and walnuts, the salad shows up in the above picture with arugula and a lovely fresh orange dressing.  The author states that usually watermelon is the choice, but she uses cantaloupe because it is more available all year round.  If you see watermelon somewhere, you might want to sub it.  Go HERE to get the full recipe.


Red and green and oh so good. Intense colors and flavors burst forth with every bite of this gorgeous salad, which features an invigorating dose of chopped fresh mint.

                  This tantalizingly beautiful red-and-green salad is found @Forks Over Knives

Several years ago, the Forks Over Knives story of how it is possible to live a healthier life without animal foods-- to actual reverse major health crises-- was screened all over the North American continent.  Today you can find thousands of vegans who identify that movie as the turning place in the way they live and eat.  This recipe is one of many at the Forks Over Knives site.  Take a look at it HERE, and when you get time, take a look at some of the other fantastic recipes they have.


Marinated Tofu, Avocado, and Spinach Salad with Creamy Toasted Sesame & Soy Dressing - #vegan
A wonderful salad for that Christmas visit from a good friend!  Brittany @ I Love Vegan

This splendid salad has that Asian ability to satisfy all the taste points in your mouth-- and a recipe for the yummiest toasted sesame and soy dressing that you will want to try on other salads.  You can find the recipe HERE.


This cheerful-looking salad is good anytime of the year, but the colours are really Christmas-y! Find it @ the Adventist Veggie School

Quinoa is a pleasant-tasting, somewhat nutty-flavoured grain.  It is gluten-free and a favourite substitute for wheat and other grains.  This salad makes a lovely one-dish meal for anyone who is not voraciously hungry.  It is also a great addition to the other salads at the bar.  Go HERE to find the full recipe, including the recipe for the dressing.


This potato salad recipe comes from the Alberni Supper Club and is found @ Veggie School

There are many potato salads out there but my husband is craziest about the Warm German potato salad.  It had a place of honour at most of his childhood and youth important family dinners.  The original "bacon bits" have been vegan-ized using tempeh crumbs (recipe in the blog).  Find the recipe for this warm potato salad HERE

If you want to try another potato salad favourite of his, go HERE

These delicious fruit cakes are a big improvement over some of the ones we made back in the day-- and NO eggs, milk, or booze!  Healthier!  4 of the 5 are also GF.

`10 Days of Christmas Crafts 
and Gluten-Free Cookie Recipes


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