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The Blessing of the Fig Tree

In our yard we have a little green fig tree that has launched into an abundance of fruit-bearing over the recent past.  In its initial 8 or 9 years, it languished.  Its little buddy expired fairly early on (not unusual for fruit trees in our front yard soil, which could be described as a gravel bed with a slim overlay of topsoil. An idea of how many figs this tree is putting out-- every branch is laden like this with a couple of crops. And a shot of some of the 'baby' figs that will form the second crop later in the summer/early Fall. The same fig tree just four years ago-- barely hanging on, and only producing a few figs that year. We have fertilized/amended the soil around its roots with lime and rock phosphate.  Those mineral nutrients have made a huge difference. Here my d.h. is demonstrating that the tree is about 6' in breadth, not that the big one got away. What do you do with your harvest of figs?  I would appreciate some more ideas. Comment below