Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cheery Pie Oatmeal Porridge (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

I wish this were my own cherry tree- nothing so fruitful in my yard...yet!  Courtesy of Yokim at

It's a foggy old rainy old day out there, but it's not particularly cold and we don't have to shovel it, so end of complaints.  Today is perfect for a happiness-making, sweet, and tangy bowl of Cheery Pie Oatmeal Porridge.  This is purely decadent and will make you feel like a princess for a day-- it's perfect for Valentine's Day breakfast.  Find the recipe below:

INGREDIENTS: (serves 2-3 generously)

1/2 C. Almonds (organic if you can find them)
1 C. Steel Cut Oats (Buy GF Oats if you are Gluten-sensitive)
1/4 C. Chia seed
1/2 C. organic Dried Cranberries (or dried cherries) (or REAL CHERRIES as in picture)
1/4 tsp. Salt (or to taste)
1/4 C. Wholesome Sweeteners Raw Cane Sugar from Malawi
1/2 C. organic Coconut shreds
3 C. Water
1 tsp. Simply Organic Almond Extract
Tree of Life Organic Cherry Spread
Almond Mylk
Cheery Pie Oatmeal-- starring REAL cherries!


  1. Toast Almonds in pre-heated 350F oven.  Spread almonds evenly over pan surface and toast for about 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally and making sure no burning takes place.  Toasting gives the almonds that extra luxurious flavour and crunch.  Alternatively, use soaked raw almonds and do not toast.  Chop or slice almonds and put aside.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a pot except for Almond Extract, Cherry Spread and Almond Mylk.  Turn on to high heat and bring to boil.  Immediately turn down to lowest heat level and cover with lid.  Continue cooking on low heat until most of the moisture is absorbed into the oats (15+ minutes, more time if you want the oats to be less chewy).  Stir occasionally.
  3. When done, stir in the Almond Extract.
  4. Put Porridge in individual bowls and garnish with a scoop of the Cherry Spread and the slivered Almonds.  Pour the Mylk around the periphery.
  5. Enjoy!  
  6. Substitutions for what you like better than the above, or what you have in your own cupboards/fridge are always allowed!  Please come back after you've tried this and let me know what revisions you made and how it turned out!
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Zupa Soup (Veggie Soup-in-a-Soup) (Gluten-free, Vegan)

I know that this sounds a little mystifying-- after all, doesn't 'zupa' mean 'soup'?
Why, yes zupa does mean soup (and also something like a drunk's sop, but we'll overlook that definition).

Zupa Soup sounds so much better than "Yesterday's Lazy Cabbage Rolls* combined with all the malingering week's veggies chopped up and made into a soup".

But that is basically what you have here.  I made up this pretty delicious Lazy Cabbage Rolls (vegan) but I wasn't that keen on the fact that the rice didn't quite cook through (although that didn't bother my dh-- he had a couple of servings).  So, today I combined about 1 C. of fried Mushrooms, 1 fried chopped Onion, 3 yellow Peppers (which I had roasted and skinned), and about 2# of Broccoli florets in with the left-over Lazy Cabbage Rolls (and various spices, more dill and salt and pepper, basically) and 1 Simply Organic jar of Pasta Sauce, and about 2 quarts of Water, and voila, Veggie Zupa Soup!

I cooked it all to a bowl and then let it simmer away (in a big pasta pot so as to not worry about boil-over) until the rice was finally the way I like it and the broccoli was rendered to a pulp one would never eat if it were broccoli cooked by itself.

This is just a sample of what YOU do, or could do, if you have lots of orphan vegetables in your fridge and yesterday's casserole-- this Zupa Soup turned out pretty yummy.  I wish the same to you!

*I'm feeling a little too lazy to give you the recipe for the Lazy Cabbage Rolls... just check out Pinterest or google-- there are 100s of versions.

**A reader wanted me to pass along this Health & Safety ALERT: In the Hippy Days of Haight-Ashbury fame (San Francisco, 60s-70s), many people were poisoned through eating something called "Diggers' Stew"-- basically an ongoing concoction of leftovers added to an original dish over a long period of time.  My rule is that leftovers are only ever used ONCE.  My leftovers are refrigerated after use  and used within a day or so of their original use.  And if I don't feel okay by the leftovers, I use the little adage from our church's FoodSafe instructor: "WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT".  (Thanks June!)

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