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A Sunday Outing to the Cumberland Farmer's Market and a Seaside Edible Walk,

It could have been another day lounging around with the tablet on Facebook... but, twigged by something someone said (or inferred) about how lazy I am, I suggested to dear hubby that we might check out the new-ish Cumberland Farmer's Market .  It is open from 11am on Sundays throughout the summer.  Off we went. These gorgeous hydrangeas greeted us at the entrance to Village Square Park where the Cumberland Farmers' Market is located. I personally have never seen this sort of hydrangea before.  Have you?  It was gorgeous... The Cumberland Farmers Market at the Village Square Park, Dunsmuir Rd., Cumberland BC Sundays 11AM-2PM This is really a pretty little Farmers' Market -- it's new-ish (just opened this year) so really doesn't seem to have caught on yet.  The bonus is that it is a little less cheek-to-jowl with people and vendors, for those who prefer a bit of a stroll and a chat vs. a push and a shove and jostle for the coin.  The Market operates 11AM-2