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Potty Training: Two Parenting Styles in Taking Care of Business

Potty Training starts  - image via Firefly AI                                               Potty training can be approached in various ways, and both Adlerian parenting (often associated with Positive Parenting) and Attachment parenting offer philosophies and techniques that parents may find helpful. Let's break down each approach: Adlerian Parenting (Positive Parenting): Philosophy : Adlerian parenting focuses on understanding the child's perspective, fostering a sense of belonging and significance, and encouraging cooperation rather than coercion or punishment. Techniques: Encouragement: Positive reinforcement is a key aspect. Instead of focusing on punishment for accidents, parents emphasize praise and encouragement for successes. Routine and Consistency : Establishing a consistent routine around bathroom breaks and praising the child for following it helps create habits. Involvement: Involving the child in the process, from choosing their potty to celebrating milestones,