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Happy International Women's Day OR Happy Virtue Signaling Day? 2024

Happy International Women's Day 2024 A friend just wrote "Happy Virtue Signaling Day" on Facebook. The comment "Happy Virtue Signaling Day" in reference to International Women's Day suggests a negative and dismissive view of the observance. Here are some potential implications and criticisms that this comment may be alluding to: Virtue signaling refers to the perceived outward expression of moral values or progressive views, especially on social media, in order to gain approval from others rather than out of authentic belief. The implication is that some people or organizations publicly celebrate International Women's Day not out of genuine support for women's rights, but to portray themselves as virtuous or progressive. It suggests that International Women's Day has become more of a symbolic gesture or superficial trend, rather than promoting substantive progress on women's issues. Critics may view some of the messaging and social media post