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25 Ways To Recycle, Repurpose or Reuse Old CDs

    Here are 25 creative ways to repurpose, recycle, or reuse old CDs (compact discs): Coasters : Use the shiny side of the CD as a coaster. You can decorate the non-shiny side with artwork or photos. Mosaic Art: Break CDs into small pieces and create mosaic designs on various surfaces, such as flower pots, picture frames, or mirrors Reflective Bird Scare: Hang old CDs in your garden to create reflective surfaces that scare away birds and protect your plants   Desk Ornaments: Decorate your desk by using CDs as the base for small sculptures or decorative items Spinners or Mobiles: Create hanging decorations by stringing together CDs with fishing line. Hang them near windows for a sparkling effect. Jewelry: Cut CDs into small, interesting shapes and turn them into unique jewelry pieces like earrings or pendants. Gift Tags: Cut small shapes from old CDs to make shiny and reflective gift tags. Christmas Ornaments: Cut CDs into festive shapes and hang them on your Christmas tree for a