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Understanding Deep Vein Thrombosis: Risk Factors, Signs, and Management

Recently I heard that a family member in her early 50s was being seen by a doctor for DVT and that she was hoping that there was a more natural way of dealing with it than the medications her doctor was prescribing. When I had digested this scrap of family ''information,'' I thought about my own lax position (denial, really) and how it would make sense for me to make some changes in my life while I still have some shreds of health and potential fitness. And, of course, I have inherited my mother's compulsive pop reading habit (in my case, the Internet mostly). So, I decided to research and write an article that would incorporate some preventative and alternative health principles into my life that might make DVT somewhat less likely to catch up with me than is likely the case now. I would also like to see our family member above and others benefit from these principles if they decide that they want to. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a critical health concern that af

Vegan Ice Cream and Other Frozen Treats You Can Make Yourself!

Summer is here!  In celebration of all the new vegans everywhere, and in recognition of all those who have been eating vegan for years, here is a summertime roundup of vegan ice cream and other frozen treat recipes that you can make yourself!  I have included a short ingredients list so you can do a scan and see which ones suit for you and/or your family.  Just click on the link and go directly to the recipe.   Mango-Blackberry Vegan Ice Cream Ingredients :  nondairy milk, frozen mango chunks,  starch, vanilla, maple syrup, ripe avocado, blackberry jam Blueberry Nicecream on Raspberry Chia Pudding Ingredients: Nicecream : frozen blueberries, frozen bananas Pudding : chia gel, raspberry jam, nondairy milk, maple syrup Spunky Monkey Ice Cream Ingredients: chia seeds, frozen banana, cocoa or cacao,  maple syrup, vanilla, peanut  or nut butter Maple Walnut Cashew Banana Ice Cream Sundae Ingredients: coconut milk, ripe frozen bananas,