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5 Vegan Butternut Squash Recipes - Healthy, Wholesome, Delicious

Butternut Squash is a creamy, orange-fleshed, neutral-tasting squash that is very dynamic for cooking and baking.  When you look at the recipes in this collection, you can see that butternut squash can stand in for both desserts and main courses in a meal, even as a main ingredient in a yummy cheese sauce to be poured over macaroni.  Enjoy trying out these delicious vegan recipes! 1. GARLICKY BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP   Garlicky Butternut Squash Soup via Whirled Soup It's hard to be a 'regular' vegan without having the odd craving for the days of garlic sausage or whatever was your fave garlic-infused meat.  This butternut soup that is warming and filling has everything you missed about garlic. You don't have to miss it anymore-- go HERE via Whirled Soup 2. LENTIL AND BUTTERNUT SQUASH POT PIE Individual Pot Pies  images via  Jennifer Wong  on Pinterest These little individual potpies above contain a combination of delectable butternut squash cubes and brow