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Ketoflex Recipe: Kelp Noodles with Chop Suey and Peanut-Miso Sauce

This is a yummy "Chinese Food" version of Ketoflex meal (vegan ketogenic).  I use cooked vegetables in this recipe, but you could go ahead and make a nice cold salad to have a complete "raw vegan" (or close to) Ketoflex meal. INGREDIENTS: Mineral Rich Kelp Noodles (see picture below) 1 Medium Onion , sliced or diced 3 Cloves Garlic , minced 1 Large Carrot , sliced into coins 2 Cups of Green Beans, chopped (Add in or substitute other low-glycemic vegetables of your choice) 1 T. Coconut Oil 1 T. Miso Paste 3 T. Peanut Butter Dash of Umeboshi (Japanese Plum) or Apple Cider Vinegar 1/8 tsp. Stevia powder Salt and Pepper  to Taste (optional) Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles, harvested in USA @Amazon METHOD: Heat Coconut Oil in Dutch Oven.  Stir fry Onion, Garlic, Carrot and Green Beans until cooked to taste. Mix Miso Paste and Peanut Butter until well mixed.  Add in dash of Vinegar and Stevia.  Combine well. When ready to serve, add in Kelp