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Organic Granny's Older Granddaughter Blogs Here....

Today in the Mall a little girl came over to Grandma when she was going to take a picture of us and asked if we wanted her Mom to take our picture.   So cute! L: Grandpa, Alyza (Me) (Organic) Grandma and Angelika. Hello my name is Alyza and I am 11 years old. I have a sister named Angelika, two parents, 3 grandparents and we have two cats named Ginger and Aiyansh. Ginger is a short-haired blonde-orange tabby cat and Aiyansh is a short-haired grey tuxedo cat. We got our two kittens about a year ago. This week has been great-- my grandparents came to visit us on our Spring Break. Today was fun but a little sad because when we went to the mall to buy me a pair of shoes ( white Adidas court shoes with black stripes ) we couldn't find a pair in my size, although we looked in about 6 or 7 stores. We also made a trip to a different Mall to get a Roblox gift card for my sister, but they were out of stock for the $10 ones! For now, I will wrap it up. Happy Puppy D