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Haystacks-- A Simple, FIlling, Delicious Vegan Salad

This is an Indian styled Haystack Salad courtesy Wikipedia When I became a Seventh-day Adventist I was introduced to "keeping the Sabbath", the wonderful Biblical perspectives around Heaven, the beautiful teachings of Jesus, and a fast, delicious salad called "Haystacks".  It's a sort of vegetarian taco or Mexican salad, so you know it's comfort food.  And it can certainly be quickly made to be a gluten-free meal. The invention of haystacks is often credited to Ella May Hartlein, in the 1950s. Hartlein, a Seventh-day Adventist, apparently was unable to find, in their new Iowa home town, the freshly-made Mexican tostatos her family craved.  So  she collected together some of the individual ingredients and the family members choice their preferred items for their salad pile (or haystack).   The haystack is a popular potluck item at various church events.  It has evolved to become representative of other ethnic flavors as well (ex.  the Hawaiian or Indian h